The AOM Lab Team

There are four staff members in the AOM Lab:

1. Associate Professor Rita Henderson (AOM Lab leader)

2. Associate Professor Pierre Le-Clech 

3. Dr Bojan Tamburic       

4. Dr Naras Rao                               


There are seven PhD candidates working across the four research themes:

1. Mr Anthony Agostino                                 2. Mrs Zijun Zhang

3. Ms Zainab Mustafa                                    4. Ms Daisy Chu

5. Mr Swaminathan Palanisami                     6. Mr Rafael Paulino

7. Ms Siti Suhailah Rosli


 AOM Lab also has long-standing collaborations with both UNSW and international researchers: 

1. Prof Richard Stuetz (UNSW)                                                        2.Prof Stuart Khan (UNSW)

3. Prof Greg Leslie (UNSW)                                                             4. Prof Michele Prevost (Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal)

5. Prof Bruce Jefferson (Cranfield University)                                  6. Prof Andy Baker (UNSW)

7. Asst Prof Arash Zamyadi (Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal)     8. Asst Prof Dries Vandamme (University of Hasselt)