AOM Lab Alumni

Throughout the years, a number of students and staff have been a part of the AOM Lab. Click on their names to see what they are doing now.

Postgraduate Research Students

2018-2019: Ms Brunna Barcellos (Visitor) 

2015-2019: Dr Florence Choo

2015-2019: Dr Sara Imran Khan

2015-2019: Dr Maira Shakeel Syed

2015-2019: Dr Yunlong Luo

2014-2016: Mr Tong Gui (MEng)

2013-2018: Dr Andrea Gonzalez-Torres

2012-2017: Dr Xiang Li

2011-2014: Mr Barun Lal Karna (MEng)

2011-2014: Dr Yulia Shutova

2010-2013: Dr Russell Yap

Staff members

2018-2020: Dr Sina Moradi

2019-2020: Dr Magdalena Baresova (Visitor)

2018-2019: Dr Fabio Roselet (Visitor)

2015-2017: Dr Dries Vandamme (Visitor)

2015-2016: Dr Lucila Coral (Visitor)

2013-2017: Dr Arash Zamyadi