Angelina awarded prestigious PhD Scholarship to recommence research

High-achieving honours student Angelina Tan is returning to AOM Lab as a PhD candidate after being awarded the prestigious Australian Government Research Training Program (RTP) Scholarship. Supervised by A/Prof Rita Henderson, Prof Greg Leslie and Dr Naras Rao, she hopes to tackle the highly complex and novel application of cold-plasma activated micro-bubbles (cPAM) for algal inactivation.

Angelina’s research is part of a Discovery Project funded by the Australian Research Council. The project aims to use the transfer of cold-plasma, a strong oxidant consisting of reactive oxygen and nitrogen species, from the air into the liquid phase as a water disinfectant. Angelina’s research further applies cPAM to tune the composition of reactive species in the cold-plasma to selectively inactivate microalgae cultures of concern in water systems; a process that is still highly sensitive and difficult to control.

Even with the challenging task ahead, Angelina is excited to commence her research. “Although the journey along the way may be rough, working on a project I am interested in is more important than anything else.” she says.

Being a former Taste of Research Scholar at UNSW and having completed her undergraduate honours thesis in AOM Lab with High Distinction, Angelina was selected for this project after demonstrating consistent excellence in research. She also has experience working with Sydney Water and brings her understanding of industry challenges to her PhD research.

Angelina hopes to apply her PhD to pursue a future career in the water industry. “It is just a beginning part for me in finding what I want to do in the water engineering field. The door is opened now through the scholarship.”

Angelina is set to commence with AOM Lab in mid-September 2021. 

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