AOM Lab in IWA Algae Conference - Spain

AOM Lab leader A/Prof. Rita Henderson and PhD student, Mrs Zijun Zhang attended and presented their most recent research work in the 2nd IWA Conference on Algal Technologies for Wastewater Treatment and Resource Recovery (IWAlgae 2019) in Valladolid, Spain from July 1st – 2nd, 2019. Rita presented on recently conferred, former PhD student Dr Yunlong Luo's work on 'Microalgae consortia for secondary effluent polishing' and Zijun presented her work about 'Impact of algae diversity on submerged vibration membrane filtration'.

“It was a great conference and opportunity to explore the excellent algal research from nutrient recovery, photobioreactor design, purple phototrophic bacteria and advance algae technologies. I met many enthusiastic algae researchers, exchanged knowledge, shared experienced and expanded network.” says Zijun.

Overall, Rita and Zijun's conference attendance was a great success and a cherishable memory. Thanks to the organisers and in particularly the Conference Chair, Prof Raul Munoz for the fantastic hospitality.


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