The aim of the AOMLab is to combine fundamental scientific and mechanistic understanding with novel developments in process engineering to provide enduring, innovative solutions. To achieve this we:

1) Develop a deep understanding of underlying mechanisms at the nano and micro scale that is translated for process optimisation in industry – characterisation to impact
2) Apply next-generation monitoring, sensing and modelling technologies to lend insight into separation process efficiency
3) Examine opportunities to reduce, reuse and recycle in the water and biotechnology industries to promote the circular economy – advanced resource recovery

We are primarily concerned with the development and optimisation of advanced characterisation techniques for algal cells and organic matter; separation technologies, including coagulation-flocculation, oxidation, flotation and membrane processes; and monitoring methods, particularly those that can be applied in situ, including zeta potential and fluorescence. 

 Our research falls into four key themes: 


1. Natural Organic Matter


2. Nuisance and Harmful Algae


3. Algae Harvesting


4. Resource Recovery