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AWA Awards
A huge congratulations to two of our stars. Yulia Shutova, winner of the Australian Water Association's New South Wales Young Water Professional of the Year, and Florence Choo, winner of...
H2O Open Journal
Associate Professor Rita Henderson has been chosen as one of the Editors-in-chief of the H2O Open Journal. Congratulations to Rita from the AOM Lab group members!
Fabio Roselet.JPG
The AOM Lab is delighted to welcome Dr. Fabio Roselet from Brazil. Fabio is here as a visiting postdoctoral fellow from the Brazilian Federal Agency for Support and Evaluation of...

About us


The aim of the Algae & Organic Matter Laboratory (AOM Lab) is to combine fundamental scientific understanding of the biological and physicochemical properties of microalgal and organic matter systems with the latest engineering technology, to provide sustainable solutions for a) the treatment of microalgae and organic matter in the water industry and b) the application of microalgae as a resource in the biotechnology industry. We are primarily concerned with the development and optimisation of advanced characterisation techniques; separation technologies, including coagulation-flocculation, oxidation, flotation and membrane processes; and monitoring methods, particularly those that can be applied in situ.