Anthony Agostino

PhD Candidate
School of Chemical Engineering

Anthony joined the AOM Lab group in 2017 as an Honours student investigating natural organic matter properties within the Nepean catchment. Having been awarded first-class Honours for a Bachelor of Engineering in Industrial Chemistry, he is now a PhD student under the multi-disciplinary ARC linkage project “Adapting catchment monitoring and potable water treatment to climate change. Anthony’s research interest is to investigate how changing climatic factors are affecting water treatment processes. To achieve this, he is examining spatial and temporal variance within the physiochemical properties of natural organic matter and optimising water treatment methodologies accordingly. Additionally, he has strong interest in developing online and in-situ monitoring for natural organic matter detection, specifically based on fluorescence and molecular technologies. Anthony has been awarded the Australian Government RTP and a Water Research Australia top-up scholarship.

PhD Project: Characterisation of aquatic natural organic matter and the link to water treatability